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Reliable and professional window cleaning and related services, covering Chesham, Amersham, The Chalfonts, Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead.

Bovingdon Window Cleaning

We clean all aspects of your​ Bovingdon property windows from frames, all UPVC, panelling, canopies, guttering, fascias, garage doors etc.

We are the best at what we do and are a reliable and established company that gives only the best time after time.

Times change and many window cleaning companies these days only use the Reach & Wash method of window cleaning.  However, our window cleaning team still use traditional window cleaning techniques every day and there will always be a place for the traditional squeegee and applicator pad.

We use superior technology for the obvious reasons, not only does it give the best results and deliver customer satisfaction but is environmentally friendly.  The best bit is pure water is desired to return to its impure state; hence its capacity to absorb large amounts of dirt from your windows. We use pure water because it is more aggressive than unclean tap water therefore it is more effective against dirt on the glass surface.

A word of warning this process involves brushing your windows clean with pure water. As such they will be left wet and will need time to dry naturally. This may be a bit disconcerting at first, as obviously this is not what you may be used to. Typically, depending on the condition of glass and frames a window may take 2-3 cleans (which will be done on your first visit) for the process to ‘leach’ all deposits from around the frame, resulting in an improved finish each time, until ultimately the finish will effectively be 100% spotless and sterile.

Power Washing Services in Bovingdon

We can bring back to life your Bovingdon patios, paths, pavements, walls and cladding. If these areas have become slippery and dangerous or just plain unsightly, let our professional team transform them to how they should. We use high-pressure water cleaning methods for fast and effective results.

There are different attachments, which can be used such as the rotary-head which is enclosed, so makes less mess and enables even cleaning of horizontal surfaces.  Our jet washing service is available to domestic, commercial contracts or local authorities. What ever your requirements we will try to achieve them.

Bovingdon Graffiti Removal

Sadly the vehicle for artistic expression by some is the cause of major offence by the majority of us. No plain area seems to be safe from desecration by the daubers and scribblers.

No matter how individuals try, in most cases they fail to remove stubborn graffiti, and as a result the appearance of a building may be permanently down-graded.

At AB Window Cleaners, our Chesham graffiti removal experts, using only safe and totally bio-degradable chemicals, can sympathetically bring the surface back to its original condition.

Window Cleaners in Bovingdon

Customer Feedback

here are a few of my most recent customers

Rated window cleaner in Chesham
Mrs A Rodgers

Would highly recommend AB Window Cleaners, they did a spectacular job and at such a reasonable price. Will Definitely be using them again.

Window Cleaner in Chesham
Mr Graham

I have used the services of Andrew Burchett for the last 2 years and i cannot fault his professional approach to his job, nothing is too much trouble and his new reach and wash system saves my flower beds and grass, and the windows look great.

Professional window cleaner in Chesham
Mrs S Thomas

I would like to thank you for your good service and reliability with regard to our windows. The windows are always cleaned to an exceptionally high standard and at a competitive price

Buckinghamshire Window Cleaner
Mr Kaye

You provide excellent value for money and i shall be delighted to refer you to friends and clients.

High Level Window Cleaning

For buildings that cannot be accessed via Reach and Wash systems, it will be necessary to use a power access cleaning method such as cherry pickers or hydraulic platforms for window cleaning.  We can use this method on domestic or commercial buildings, contact us to find out more about this service.

Driveway & Patio Power Washing

At AB Window Cleaners we protect and restore the surface finish of your driveway and patio using specialist equipment and our special hard wearing, surface coating resins. The resin coating greatly reduces the risk of further stains and inhibits the re-growth of weeds, grass and mosses, enhancing the overall appearance of your property.

Our cleaning machines are purposely designed to restore driveways, paths and patios by providing a unique deep cleaning system and works with all hard surfaces:

  • Block paving driveways, terraces and patios
  • Tarmac driveways
  • Brick patios and paths
  • Concrete, including imprinted concrete
  • Natural and re-constituted stone surfaces and more…

Gutter Clearing in Bovingdon

If there is a problem with the gutters it can cause water damage to your property. Gutters are an important part of your home’s weather proofing and water proofing system.

Blocked gutters can become heavy from the extra weight of dirt and water which can cause your guttering to pull away from your fascias, and in some cases fall from the house completely. Leaking gutters or water overflowing from blocked gutters can run down walls causing them to become damp.

Blocked gutters prevent water draining away from your house which can seep into your property foundations. If you need us to clean your gutters or carry out gutter repairs please use our contact form or give us a call to find out more about our gutter cleaning services.

Gutter cleaning helps avoid costly repairs and roof damage. Gutter systems should be ideally thoroughly cleaned twice a year.

fascia & soffit cleaning

Your fascias & soffits are an integral part of your home and as such, should be well maintained. Many homes today have UPVC fascias which have a much lower need for maintenance but still need cleaning in order to keep them looking new.

Cleaning of your UPVC fascia & soffits is not expensive but can increase their life span and will keep them looking their best. While UPVC fascias do not need regular maintenance, they do accumulate dirt. We can make your fascias look like new again for a lot less than actually having new fascias fitted.
Whether you just want to keep your fascias & soffits maintained or if you like to keep them looking new, we offer you the services you need at affordable prices. Contact us today for an individual quote.

Bovingdon Cleaning Services

industrial Cladding cleaning

We specialise in cleaning and restoring building facades on industrial and commercial buildings.  Not only does this enhance the appearance of the building, but this treatment will increase the lifespan of the cladding system and reduce ongoing costs for facilities managers and building owners.

The exterior of many industrial and commercial buildings are partially or completely cladded with either aluminium or steel construction panels. These panels in turn will be anodised, painted, powder-coated or plastic-coated. It is therefore important that cladding is maintained to prevent discolouring and corrosion. Without a maintenance schedule, expensive re-cladding, or spray painting may be necessary.

To achieve the best results we use a range of cleaning products that have been developed to clean and successfully restore cladding, including powder-coated, anodised aluminium and plastic-coated panels.  These products are non-abrasive and have a neutral pH which is standard architect criteria for the cleaning of these types of surfaces.  After treatment a protective silicone layer is retained helping to preserve the building from further deterioration.

Please contact us today for your free no obligation quote!

Conservatory Cleaning

You invest a lot of money into your property, conservatories, windows and doors and they do get dirty and deteriorate over time.We clean the whole conservatory from the roof and frame downwards, we clean out the gutters and downspouts and check all the fixings and seals.We clean the entire UPVC frame to remove all build-ups of algae, bird droppings, moss and other deposits.
  • Conservatory Roofs
  • Roof Frame
  • Roof Glass
  • Ornamental roof parts
  • Guttering inside & outside
  • Conservatory Interiors
  • Window Glass
  • Window frames
  • Doors
  • Window & door sills
  • Down pipes
  • Panels or cladding
  • We can clean any windows above the conservatory your window cleaner cannot access
We clean and access the parts that you cannot reach and give you a truly professional cleaning service from our initial quotation to our departure. We valet the whole of your conservatory to make it look like new again!
About Bovingdon Window Cleaners

AB Window Cleaners

We are a professional window cleaning company and have been an established for 12 years in and around Buckinghamshire.

We are a efficient and reliable company and take pride in our work. We believe the customer is always right.  Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and it shows in our work. We are proud to be inundated with work from word of mouth.

We specialise in domestic and commercial properties for window cleaning and provide the high level of customer care and finish quality our commercial clients expect. Based in Chesham in Buckinghamshire and cover the surrounding towns of Amersham, Berkhamsted, Hemel Hempstead, Chalfont St Giles & Bovingdon.

Our staff have been fully trained and are insured in all of the services we provide for commercial clients.

We also offer a wide variety of services from commercial window cleaning, the reach and wash system (Ideal for commercial contracts) , cherry picking, power washing, fascias and soffits and much more.

Power Washing

We can bring back to life your patios,paths, pavements, walls and cladding.

Gutter Clearing

Gutter cleaning helps avoid costly repairs and roof damage, get in touch.

Cladding Cleaning

Enhance the appearance of the building and increase the lifespan of the cladding system

Graffiti Removal

We can sympathetically bring the surface back to its original condition, call the experts today.

Driveway & Patio

We protect and restore the surface finish of your driveway and patio; leaving it looking great.

Conservatory Cleaning

We clean the whole conservatory from the roof and frame downwards; call now.

Cherry Pickers

For buildings that cannot be accessed via Reach and Wash systems, we can help.

Fascia & Soffits

A cost effective service that will increase their life span and will keep them looking their best.

Much more

We believe in only offering the best service, so if you need any help at all, get in touch.

Why choose us?

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We will always get the job done exactly how we say we are going to do it.


We don't charge you any more than we have to, we treat our customers right.


We treat all our customers like family, you're in safe hands. Call today for a friendly chat

Professional Service

We will always provide or service in a kind professional manner. Expect the best from us.

Bovingdon window cleaner

AB Window Cleaners

We are the best at what we do and are a reliable and established Bovingdon window cleaning company that gives only the best time after time.

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Chesham in Buckinghamshire and cover the surrounding counties of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire including the local towns of Amersham, The Chalfonts, Berkhamsted, Hemel Hempstead Watford and Bovingdon.

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